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An overview on cosplay and cosplay costumes


Costume play or the cosplay, as they are more familiar, is a type of art in which the participants perform after being dressed up according to a certain rule to represent a particular idea or character.

The cosplayers also interact to perform a kind of role play. It is very rare that you will see the genders changed like any woman performing the role of a man or vice versa. The common subjects of cosplay are mainly the animations, comics, films, manga, video games, etc.

The main theme of cosplay may be anything, including the topic from the real or the virtual world but the main feature is the cosplay costumes as it is the costumes that the total performance is based on. The cosplayers wear the costumes which are relevant to the theme of play. The main feature of cosplay which makes it unique from the others is the unique costume and the change of the body language in orientation to the topic of the play. It is the factor which separates it from the other traditional occasions like Halloween.

The costumes

The cosplay costumes are the most important part in cosplays and also serve as an important source of economy. It came in headlines in 2008 that the Japanese manufacturers earned a profit of 35 billion yen that year. So, it also has other uses. The costumes can be available in many ways. They can be bought online or can also be purchased from the manufacturers or the dealers in packaged quantities. The cosplay costumes industry also provides a lot of employment as it is a large industry. Many cosplayers also prefer specially designed costumes and design the costumes themselves. Anyways, they also have to buy products like the other accessories, hair dyes, raw materials, wigs, etc. So, the cosplay costumes are a good source of income for the manufacturers.

To create a more real looking character, the cosplayers use a variety of accessories like the hair colors, temporary tattoos, body paints and even contact lenses, etc. The other requirements include the weapons of the anime characters or the video game characters, etc. So, the industry is enough large.

The purpose of cosplay

The purpose of cosplay can be many, including the interest for the art and its creativity being the most common reason. The common liking of some character is also another. So, whatever be the reason, cosplay is really an interesting art and has a lot of creativity.